Play Dragon’s Treasure for free

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Developer: Mercury

Dragon's treasure online slot machine from Mercury at a glance

We have learned one thing over the years as professional slot machine testers: When a Merkur game is on our agenda, it usually becomes very adventurous. That's why we were especially excited when we were asked to play Dragon's Treasure for free without registration. Dragon's Treasure means something like dragon's treasure in Indian. Ui, we were already tickling our nerves! We plunged into several extensive test sessions and can now not only pass on our tips and tricks, but we can also announce that you can now play Dragon's Treasure for free with us.

So exciting is the Dragon's Treasure Slot

As we have already mentioned, Dragon's Treasure means something like dragon treasure in the Indian translation. A treasure hunt is always very appealing, especially when you suspect that Mercury has put some bonus and free spins into the treasure chest. Since dragons are known to have long since died out in India, playing at the Dragon's Treasure Slot is of course not an everyday occurrence. What strategy do you need to avoid getting in the way of the dragons? Do the animals see the reels as their territory and see us as unwanted intruders who simply step onto the reels and win lines without registering? We feared that we might inadvertently provoke a female dragon who might be defending her dragon eggs. So, before we play Dragon's Treasure for free, we always have a fire extinguisher ready as a precaution in case it gets particularly hot.

We got unexpected help while playing Dragon's Treasure for free

Since we were allowed to play Dragon's Treasure for free, our real money remained untouched in our pockets. After a few seconds Dragon's Treasure online we saw two young men, one is blonde and the other is brunette. Since these two were without visible burns or other wounds, we thought they were experienced dragon trainers, whom Mercury put at our side to ensure the safety of the players. We offered them our real money, but they just waved it off. The escort service was actually free! We felt we were in the best of hands and the two guys kept appearing on the reels to show us that you can play Dragon's Treasure for free without any danger. So we could look for the valuable Dragon's Treasure without any worries.

Dragon's Treasure is a fiery hot slot machine

We could now play Dragon's Treasure for free without the ulterior motive of being flambéed by an angry dragon. The Dragon's Treasure Slot is a real little masterpiece, as we think. The winning symbols are decorated with a dragon design, the treasure looks more than desirable and you would rather judge the two men yourself by playing Dragon's Treasure for free without registration. In any case, we were not at all angry about the nice company in the casino. The atmosphere is positive all around, the music in the background is epic and we felt like a budding dragon hero with every spin. Just open Dragon's Treasure online, it's free. But just a moment, we'll explain the rules to you.

How to play Dragon's Treasure for free without registration

You don't need magical knowledge or superhuman powers to get started with your exploits. First of all, it is sufficient to press the start button, which was so cleverly placed at the right end of the lower edge of the screen. This starts a single spin, but you can also use the autoplay function as an alternative. You activate this by clicking the button to the left of it. Dragon's Treasure is played with five reels and the winning combinations are made on a total of five different paylines.

The main characters in Dragon's Treasure

While you are playing Dragon's Treasure, you can immediately notice the many different winning symbols. The main characters are easy to distinguish, but the respective values are a little trickier to find out. You certainly don't want to study a complicated list before playing. We offer a better solution instead. We did the work personally and created a list sorted by prize money to make things easier for you:

  • The card values 10, bube and lady
  • The card values King and Ace
  • The sword and the treasure chest
  • The black-haired man
  • The blond man

The special profit symbols and bonus rounds at Dragon's Treasure

Dragon's Treasure naturally also has a bonus function to offer. In the slot machine game that would be the dragon, which forms a combination of a wild symbol and a scatter symbol. The former means that this symbol is a kind of wild card that can bridge broken paylines in order to make a profit possible despite the lack of winning symbols. Since this lizard is also a scatter, if it occurs three times it can activate a total of ten free spins, which can be made extra exciting with another change. Before the first free spin, you can choose any symbol that will be an expanding symbol from now on. When this appears online at Dragon's Treasure, it spreads to the remaining fields of the reel, which allows more winning combinations.

Our verdict: Playing Dragon's Treasure for free without registration is simply epic

When the slot machine opens, you have the option online to try the free version first. But that doesn't mean that features of Dragon's Treasure were left out. No, the only change is that you just cannot win real money. Use this to your advantage. Finally you can Play slot machines for free without registration and use a professional strategy that has proven itself time and time again. If you are new to Dragon's Treasure, this mode is ideal for you!

Play Dragon's Treasure for real money? Please note our hot tips!

You now know each other with Dragon's Treasure Online and feel fit for a real money use? Please not so research! You could burn your fingers. This is not just because there are Dragon's Treasure now dragons that are not just as a tame pets apply. Rather, we would like to give you the tip on the way that you should carefully choose your online casino, otherwise you could give you a great bonus like, for example No deposit free spins Go through the rags. Nobody would help with that. If you play Dragon's Treasure, then please with the best conditions and our top tips, made? We wish you that Dragon's Treasure will be so hot from Mercury as if it had been heated by the Dragonfire!