Lotto online in online Casinos

In India certainly as well as everyone knows the state lottery, because it has existed since the late 40s. The so well-known "6 from 49" game has existed since 1955 and is hardly an integral part of India. Anyone can fill in a lottery ticket and give away, which is very different today than before. Everything goes digital and super fast.

If you want to play lotto online, there are several options. The official webpage of the state lottery offers the games 6 from 49, the Eurojackpot, the lucky spiral and also Keno.

However, if you are looking for even better chances of winning than the state lottery, you should take a look at playing the lottery online in an online lottery casino. The lottery game has found its way into Indian online casinos for several years. In addition to the classic casino games, such as slot machines, jackpot slots, table games (roulette, baccarat, poker, blackjack, etc.), live dealer games, numerous casinos now also offer games for real money with the lottery game. There are many reputable providers that you can find with a simple Google search.

Rules of the online lottery game

Playing online lottery is generally lucrative than the state lottery and you can use your normal casino player account to make your missions. You can customize these missions to customize your wishes and also very small amounts, up to cents, can bring you big profits.

You are also not dependent on the fixed drawing of the lottery numbers and you can quickly find out whether you have won something. There are also real money games in the online lottery that are linked to a progressive jackpot and thus accumulate winnings worth millions.

The game rules are simple. You put on selected numbers and if they are pulled out of a pot of numbers, you have won something.

Here are some of the most popular Lotte games in online casinos:

Bonuses and jackpots in the online lottery game

If you use an online casino online casino bonus, such as a welcome bonus (no-deposit bonus or a deposit bonus), makes the lottery play online more fun. The best online casinos offer mostly separate bonuses for the lottery game and you receive e.g. For your registration at the casino a certain amount of money, with which you can play lotto.

The jackpots in the online lottery are extremely high and lucrative. Many lottery games start with a very high minimum jackpot amount and the progressive jackpots that are connected to multiple networks and casinos can run into the billions.

Not so well known and not so popular as slot slot machines, the online lottery in the online casinos is more and more popular and is an important component in numerous casinos that attracts different types of players.