French roulette online

If you want to play roulette, one of the all-time popular casino games, you can do it all in one Real Money Casino do what the online roulette offers in its game portfolio. The online games for real money are available in different variants, with French roulette being the most original and best known. Others are European Roulette, American Roulette and there are also newer options such as Indian Roulette or English Roulette.

The rules of the game are similar and they all have excellent ones online Roulette Win, you can take home when you play these online games for real money and use real money in the online casino to win with it. The main differences are in the terms of the setting fields. In the French roulette you will find everything in French and the European e.g. Everything in the respective language of the country in which is played.

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How is the French roulette played?

A peculiarity of the roulette is that the players who know about the game apply a roulette strategy, especially when they play online roulette about real money. The roulette rules are quite simple, yet you should learn them before playing if you intend to use your own money in a reputable online casino.

The French roulette is known for its French-elegant flair, which surrounds the game. In this variant, there is only one zero and thus a better chance of winning is offered, as e.g. American roulette, where there is a double OULL. The players sit at the legendary roulette table, which printed the roulette tableau, on whose fields the players place their bets. On one side you will find the roulette boiler in which the croupier poses the ball and then the legendary "Rien Ne VA Plus", in Indian "nothing more" is excluded, which means that the players do not make any missions from the moment allowed to.

To call up the inserts, the croupier calls the French roulette online "Faites Votre Jeux" and the winning number and its color is proclaimed in French. So you can refresh your forgotten French in this game.

Please note that only with the live tables at the online casino roulette to the exclamation "Rien Ne VA Plus" are used, with the other games, the ball rotates immediately after the use of the player and then no further use is more possible if it is possible The ball already turns in the boiler.
The voltage increases

The ball turns in the bowl, many eyes are fixed on it, while the bowl turns slower and slower and the ball begins to roll and at some point finally falls into one of the compartments with the numbers on it. Then the croupier announces the winning number. He says the number, the color of the pocket and also whether it is an even or odd number that the ball landed on. He also says whether the number is between 1 and 18 or between 19 and 36.

Payment of winnings

The croupier now starts his work of paying out the profits of this game round. First of all, he takes all the chips from the tableau, which unfortunately were not a profitable number or combination and thus have won nothing. If this is done, the respective gains are calculated and paid by the croupier pushes the number of chips obtained to the winner.

The betting inserts are very different and the height of the profits is of course bigger if the statistics say that the chance is less.

Chances of winning the French Roulette

Overall, roulette is one of the casino games that pays the highest winnings. The house edge of the casino with this roulette variant is less than 2%. The chances of winning are increased by the numerous betting options. You can easily calculate the respective win rate by dividing the number 36 by the number of occupied number fields and then subtracting the result from 1. An example for a simple chance: 36 through 18 equals 2 minus 1, is 1, so the odds here would be 1: 1.

It is important that each player must take his profit from the playing field in the event of a profit, because if that does not happen, the use remains there and then lost in the next laps.

Insert variants at French Roulette

There are numerous different options here to make your missions and thus use the best roulette strategy. Here we count the most important: