Play European Roulette online

If you are in a Online Casino Money Games looking for, you do not just find slots and card games, but always the world's so popular online Roulette. The best known is the French roulette, followed by the American roulette and then there are some variants, such as the Indian or mini roulette or nowadays also the mobile roulette. If you want to play online games for real money, you will love the roulette winnings playing roulette!

A real money Casino offers you several roulette options and you have to decide which you want the most.

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It is your decision which roulette you will play in the real money casino. However, you should always use the right roulette strategy, because you should think through playing online roulette for real money. A reputable online casino offers you so many options and you should know what exactly is behind each roulette variant.

What is the European Roulette?

The European roulette is just different than the French and as the American. One of the biggest differences is that the announcements of the croupier are not made as the French roulette in French, but in the respective national language where it is played.

Otherwise it is similar and the gameplay is actually the same. The players place their chips on the roulette table and then the croupier throws the ball into the bowl and there it spins until he says “Nothing works” and from that moment on, no more bets can be made. The ball then remains in a compartment of the wheel and this has a number and a color that the croupier then calls out. Number, color, odd or even and also whether it is between 0 and 18 or between 19 and 36.

Basic Game Rules of the European Roulette

Not like the American roulette, there is no Doppelnull at the online casino roulette. Here, like the French roulette, only one zero is played. This brings the total number of numbers in the boiler to 37. The croupier asks for the inserts "Please make your commitment". Each table has its limits in the online casino that need to be considered. That means there is a minimum insert and a maximum use you can do. You now place the inserts on the table and are you looking for between these opportunities:

You can bet until "Rien Ne VA Plus" goes and the ball then lands in a tray. When you move chips after the exclamation, the resulting gains are not counting, as hurting how that will be safe in the event of a win. In the missions, you must necessarily use the best roulette strategy to have better chances. Each bet has its own payout rate and also a certain probability of profit. When the ball ended its turns in the boiler, the croupier collects all the inserts that have not won nothing and it comes to paying for the lucky winners.

What does the wheel look like in European Roulette?

The roulette wheel of the European roulette looks just as much as the French roulette. The American bike still has a Dphelgant and distributes the numbers differently than the European. With the version of the European Roulette, you can see the numbers alternately in black and red in the boiler and the simple chances that are possible are so scattered that they do not necessarily apply. These are the straight and odd and low and betting.

The better you know the roulette rules, the higher your profit expectation, that's just the way it is. When you play real money games online, you are risking a lot. This is the same with roulette online as it is with slot machines or table games such as baccarat, poker or blackjack. Even with sports betting or other live dealer games, it is important to know the rules so as not to simply use your hard-earned money and then lose it immediately.

In online roulette there are different strategies that the different players, depending on the type of player, like to use in order to achieve higher profits. The best known strategies are:

The most useful strategy is probably the martingale variant. This is also called doubling tactics brings you to the bets with a winning opportunity of 50%, so in the simple bets, the best results. What happens in some online casinos is that the use of strategies is a bit complicated, as there are certain table limits for the missions. This can be interrupted by a strategy if you are right right now.